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What I write about

My Story

Sincere’s family says that her penchant for storytelling began when she learned how to form a sentence. She frequently entertained her family and friends with elaborate stories with an active imagination. In 1997, she decided she wanted to learn to type. The traditional learning method bored her, so she sat down and taught herself in one day, producing a movie script. Not having the financing needed to produce the film, she placed the manuscript in a box underneath her bed. For years, it went untouched. One day, her cousin came to visit, and Sincere decided to let her read her script, eager for feedback. Her cousin couldn’t put the script down. She encouraged Sincere to turn it into a book. A decade went by as Sincere pursued other business adventures and creative outlets. After closing her boutique, Sin’cere Apparel, in 2005 and moving with her two daughters and dog from the Southside of Chicago to Los Angeles and obtaining her college degree, she decided to revisit her script and take her cousin’s advice. As a result, we now have Beauty N’ Betrayal, Sincere’s first novel, her baby. Enjoy!